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New restaurant situated 50 meters after the Metro station it Sundbyberg. Lunch, dinner and brunch. Closed on Sundays. 

The Public

Popular local restaurant (located on Sundbybergs Torg) with Cava bar and After Work Monday - Friday. 

Pontus in the Park

close to Hotel by Maude, located on Englundavägen 7, just a few minutes walk from the hotel.  


Tuletorget, 10 minutes walk from the hotel. Italian cuisine, 10 minutes walk from the hotel.  

Thai house wok

Tuletorget, 10 minutes walk from the hotel.  

Nybergs Bar & Deli

Nybergs Torg 4, Sundbyberg. Kombination of restaueant and food market hall (swedish/french cuisine), bar and deli shop.

Itamae sushi och grill

Landsvägen 33, Sundbyberg. 10 minutes walk to the other side of the railway bridge. The kitchen close at 9PM on weekdays and 10PM on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Texas Longhorn

Råsundavägen 112, 15 - 20 minutes walk from the hotel. 

Bishop Arms

Landsvägen 49, 10 minutes walk to Sundbyberg square. Don't miss their Christmas decoration! 

Mall of Scandinavia

At Mall of Scandinavia you have a wide selecation of restaurants, perfect to combine shopping and food. take the tram on Svetsarvägen or walk.